TEArrific treat this Holiday!

TEArrific treat this Holiday!

Teas come this far. Milk tea, tea shake, tea smoothie and other TEArrific blends you could get out of this relaxing beverage. As a tea lover, I look for a place here in Laguna where I can satisfy my belly with crave. You could go to Tea Tree in Liliw, Laguna in front of 7 Eleven. Besides their fulfilling teas, pastas are also delicious there. I’d tried the Burger Putanesca which you can also like if you’ve got to taste it. They also sell Speculoos Cookie Butter and other “Pasalubongs”. When I started to love the place with their miniature stuffs and cups, I cite more about it then I found out that this is a new branch. If you’re in Metro Manila, there are branches in Quezon City; Cubao and Novaliches. You should probably visit the place, you won’t regret it either. Got to E-N-J-O-Y!


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